Rockchip RK3288

Image building need host to ready with all necessary tools ready, refer here

Below are the details of Image build for Vyasa RK3288 board.


$ git clone git://
$ cd u-boot
$ make vyasa-rk3288_defconfig
$ make


$ git clone git://

$ cd linux-next
$ make mrproper
$ ARCH=arm make multi_v7_defconfig
$ ARCH=arm make -j 4 LOADADDR=0x02000000 uImage dtbs
$ ARCH=arm make modules -j 4
$ ARCH=arm make modules_install -j 4


$ git clone

$ dd if=/dev/zero of=arm_ramdisk.image bs=1k count=16384

$ mke2fs -F -m0 arm_ramdisk.image

$ mount -t ext4 arm_ramdisk.image /mnt -o loop

$ cp -rf rfs-rk3288/* /mnt

$ umount /mnt