Amarula Solutions Speaking at Live Embedded Event 2020ΒΆ


As an Engineering Technology Company, Amarula Solutions is always looking forward to being part of the latest technology ecosystems. RISC-V ecosystem development is one of our portfolios where our Open Source Engineer already started hands-on with real RISC-V platforms.

Our Engineer (Jagan Teki) is part of the community with the development of Standardized boot flow for RISC-V platforms. With our previous blog, we have demonstrated how the community achieved to produce Standardized boot flow on RISC-V, On that basis, we are going to speak the same topic at LEE 2020.


Event: Live Embedded Event 2020
Topic: Standardizing Linux Boot process for RISC-V platforms
Time: 3rd, December 09.30 CET
Speaker: `Jagan Teki <>`_


Looking forward to speaking at the conference.